of Iran, the lovely Kish island beach, Shiraz orange blossom gardens, and Isfahan handmade carpet market. Moreover, you can try different kinds of Iranian food and desserts and get Gaz, pistachio, and saffron as souvenirs for your relatives. Considering Iran is a large country with diverse tourist attractions in different cities, you can begin your journey easily by getting a ticket from any of Air Arabia, Fly Dubai, Turkish Airlines and Qatar Airways to get into a city and leave Iran at the end of the tour from another city. Arrival at Isfahan International Airport and transfer to your residence hotel by our representative. Overnight stay in Isfahan

9 Exciting Days


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  • Join in: Esfahan – End in: Shiraz
Detailed Itinerary
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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1 (Isfahan)

Today you will see the most beautiful works of Islamic architecture and tiling in Naqsh-e Jahan Square (UNESCO World Heritage Site). Inside Naghsh-e Jahan Square you will visit Seikh Lotfollah and Shah Abbas Mosque and the magnificent edifice of Ali-Qapu, then you will go inside the Chehel-sotoun Garden(UNESCO W.H.S) O/N in Isfahan

Day 2 (Isfahan)

Two-hour car-ride from Isfahan to the untouched Khara Desert. In the desert, you could walk on the never-ending sand hills and then after a while lies down and enjoy the sunlight. Camel riding, observing the plants growing in the dry climate of the Desert and visiting historic sites are some of the attractions of travel to the desert. In the evening you will move back to Isfahan O/N in Isfahan

Day 3 (Isfanah - Kish Island)

You will begin the day visiting Isfahan Music Museum. You will see different kinds of traditional Persian musical Isfahan-Kish Island Day 3 instruments in the museum. Performing live music for newlywed grooms and brides is a well-established tradition in Persian culture. Music performers in the museum will perform in your honor some love pieces of oriental music. You will have a flight from Isfahan to the marvelous Kish Island. You will visit Damoon Shopping Center in Kish and have dinner at the food court restaurant. O/N in Kish

Day 4 (Kish Island)

Kish Island has very pleasant weather in autumn and winter and many tourists who like to swim and relax in the Persian Gulf coast, travel to this island. Water-themed entertainment and adventures in the island include visiting native dwelling area of Kish, city of Harireh, watching the Greek ship in the sunset, and having dinner in one of the traditional restaurants of the island. O/N in Kish

Day 5 (Kish Island)

Walking and cycling in Grand Recreational Pier, visiting Kariz Underground City. O/N in Kish

Day 6 (Kish Island - Shiraz)

Sea themed entertainments and swimming in the delightful coast of Persian Gulf, flying to Shiraz in the evening. O/N in Shiraz

Day 7 (Shiraz)

Shiraz is celebrated for literature, arts, its Orange Blossom Gardens and hospitality of its warmhearted people. That is why we included traveling to Shiraz in our honeymoon tour itinerary. Today you will visit Nasir al-Mulk Mosque, which is the most astonishing and magnificent mosque in Shiraz. It is very popular among tourists and indeed, they all like to take photos there. Then, you will stop at Shāh Chérāgh, brother of Imam Reza the eighth Shi’ite Imam, funerary monument and mosque, where is visited by Muslim pilgrims. Make sure you will try Faloodeh, a kind of especial ice cream desert of Shiraz, with lemon juice and enjoy. O/N in Shiraz

Day 8 (Shiraz - Marvdasht - Shiraz)

One hour car-ride and visit Persepolis (UNESCO W.H.S) the capital of the Achaemenid Empire Shiraz-MarvdashtShiraz Day 8 dating back to 518 BC. After Persepolis, we will go to Naqsh-e Rostam (Necropolis). Move back to Shiraz. At the end of the day, you will go to the tomb of Sa’di and Hafez (two great Iranian poets) which have a pretty special atmosphere to them at night. Because of the charming and romantic atmosphere, they are crowded with young couples hand-in-hand walking.

Day 9 (Shiraz - Return Flight)

In the last day of this Honeymoon, you will visit the Eram Garden (UNESCO W.H.S). The Garden panoramic views, the splendid statures of old cypress trees, the aroma of flowers and the ancient buildings attract visitors from all over the world. Head to the airport to say goodbye to the sweet memories of Iran’s trip and return.
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