Are you eager to see mysterious and spectacular places in the world? Do you find observing geological phenomenal interesting? Do you like to meet people with different culture and customs in person? In this case, make sure you will have a visit to Chabahar port. In order to travel to Chabahar port, first you need to travel from your hometown to one of the big cities of Iran, for instance, Tehran and then you can get a domestic flight ticket to get to Chabahar Port.

5 Days & 4 Nights


  • Best time: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter
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  • Traditional food: Takhlan
  • Join in: Tehran – End in: Tehran
Detailed Itinerary
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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1

Arriving at Chabahar port, you will be greeted by our company agent and then you will get to your hotel. This evening is free at leisure to walk near the coast and enjoy the temperate weather of Chabahar

Day 2

You will visit Ramin village and the sandy beach. In your visit to Lipari wetland, you will see that when Planktons are in the water the wetland color turns pink and red and that makes a wonderful landscape. Then you will visit a place with strange mountains and it is called Mars Mountains. It is a unique place on our planet that can make you feel walking on Mars planet. You will also see Sacred fig tree, the spectacular landscape of Boris Coast and Pasa Bandar that is the last southern port of East of Iran.

Day 3

On this day, you will have a 110-km road trip (taking approximately 1 hour and a half) to see the rare phenomenon of mud volcano in the western part of Chabahar. If possible, you will visit tropical gardens and native trees of Kahir, a village in Kahir Rural District.

Day 4

Chabahar is one of the best places for wave riding, underwater diving and enjoying the sunshine on the beach. This morning we will have a visit to one of the untouched beaches of Chabahar for sea entertainment.

Day 5

Visiting This Village, and Banmasity Caves. It is said that in the distant millennia this village (or city as it was then) was a particularly thriving economic region and it was the export center of “Paniez”(white sugar). We can also pay a visit to The Portuguese Castle. The castle is built on top of a hill seven kilometers from Chabahar overlooking the Gulf of Chabahar as well as the village and fishing port of Tees. Little remains of the castle today and only parts of the entrance arch and ceilings of some side rooms still stand. In the evening move to Chabahar airport and flight from this amazing land.
Services & Inclusions
  • 2 Domestic flights to/from Chabahar Port
  • 4 Nights hotel